"If thou lovest me, thou shalt keep my commandments.

John 14-15.  Luke 18:18

Welcome to the Bible page part two

Of Our Blessed Hope 1Peter 1:3


Lost books from the Bible.

Most of the books that are not included in our current Bible are mentioned in the O.T. and N.T.

Many have been preserved and can be found after some searching. We can find them in the Bible because they are mentioned there!

There are a number of books that are very valuable at this time because they are about the end times.


Many blessings and all glory to God.

And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man.

Luke 17:26:30 Genesis 6 and 7. Matthew 24 38-39.

The Bible is God's word, a guide to eternal life. It is the truth of God and we must not detract from it or add to it, a lamp to our feet in a dark world. It is written to help us understand who God is, His character, and what He requires of us in order to enter into eternal life. And what He can and will do for us if we choose Him

In ancient times, just before the flood, people were offered a shelter in the ark to escape the judgments of God. Noah prophesied 120 years about the coming of the judgments, and no one believed him or wanted to believe him. It was a terrible time in God's eyes. In the end, 8 people were allowed into the ark. 8. The flood came, and then the world was rebuilt and populated. In our time it is no different than in that time, there is a lot of sin, genetic manipulation, also in those days the earth was inhabited by fallen angels, among others. Even now, God warns us and has offered us his ultimate salvation, which is Lord Jesus Christ, our ark and seal for eternity that can only be attained through him. Are you already sealed for eternity? It is still possible because there is still an opening and space for grace. Don't become like Lot's wife who, in times of great judgment, still looked back at her old life and didn't really want to let it go. If you have straightened your ways with the Lord, be vigilant in your conduct lest you fall away from the truth and the sealing of the Holy Spirit.

Many think that the Bible consists of 66 books. This is not an accurate representation of what is written in the Bible itself about the books that are not (anymore) included, books that we do not find in the Bible are mentioned in various places as such.

The Apostle Paul also speaks about the books: They are of great importance for us to better understand the end times, for example. The most famous book He speaks of is the book of Enoch. This book is an important book because it describes what happened in the time before the flood and the reason for the flood. It gives a picture of that time, a time that we can expect to return. This was prophesied by the Lord Jesus Himself about His return and the conditions that would then prevail on earth. Watching from which we can see that the time is approaching. It will be as in the time of Noah or as in the time of Lot. In both ages, the sin of men was enormous. It's no different today. The Bible teaches how and why we can stop and be forgiven of our sins and choose eternal life.

The books not included.

Below you will find two examples of Bible books that are mentioned by the Apostle Paul but are not included in the Bible itself. The fact that these books were not recorded by compilers of the Bible does not say anything about the validity or authority over these books. Fortunately, they have been preserved and we can therefore investigate for ourselves what the time before the flood looked like and what we can expect back.


The book Jasher is only available for download in English . It is mentioned in the bible in Joshua 10:13. And in 2 Samuel 1:18. It is also called the book of the Sincere.  The book of Yasher was even read and used by Columbus in his preparations before he left for America. For in this book, Jasher, mention is made of the expelled or lost tribes of Israel. And so the truth comes to light more and more and we understand more and more of God's plan of salvation and the prophecies about the true Israel, all the house of Israel, in this day and age, for example in the books of Jeremiah and Isaiah. Many Bible texts become clearer in this way and are therefore a wake-up call.

At the appearance of the Lord Jesus in the clouds as He has departed. Matthew 24:30 And then shall there appear in heaven a sign (the banner) of the Son of man; and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man, when he comes upon the clouds of heaven with great power and glory. People will mourn the fact that they did not make a choice for our Lord Jesus. See also the article on the second Exodus.

The Bible book of 1 Peter also mentions the diaspora or dispersion. 1 Peter 1:1:2. God knows where the descendants live and sends the apostles to preach the gospel to them. And not just to the tribes, but to everyone. For God wants everyone to be saved.

And want to leave Egypt again.  In Isaiah 55, the Lord makes a call to anyone who will listen. Isaiah 55:6. Seek the Lord while He is to be found, call upon Him while He is near.

Hebrews 11:5. By faith, Enoch was taken away.

The book of Enoch describes the time of Noah, the time that is coming back, the fallen angels and their coming into being and the fall of mankind to this day. It tells of the time before the flood, and the time of Adam and Eve

It also mentions the true calendar, a calendar that differs from the Babylonian calendar used today. This book is also mentioned by Paul in the New Testament. Scriptures 2 Timothy 3:8., Hebrews 11:5, Genesis 5_18-24, Luke 3:37

The book of Gigants.

There is a book in circulation, The Book of Gigants, which also explains what Noah's time entailed. The Nephilim, the giants for example. All of these beings come back in our time as end-time judgments. 

The book of Jubilees

In this book you can read a lot about the Lord's feast days. These holidays are also celebrated in Heaven, For me personally it is nice to know so that I can deepen my relationship with God the father. We don't have to celebrate these holidays literally, but in spirit. The real celebration of feasts comes once we have arrived at the Lord Jesus. "These things are a shadow of the things to come, according to the body of Christ." 2 Colossians 2:16-23 explains the feasts and how a Christian should deal with them.

The Lord Jesus has done much more than is written in our Bible, too much to write down. You read it in John.

And there are many other things that Jesus did. If each of them were to be described separately, I think

The world itself cannot comprehend the written books. John 21:25.

I wish you many blessings and pray to the Holy Spirit for more clarity and revelation of scripture.


Book Of Jasher
PDF – 2,8 MB 121 downloads
The Complete Book Of Enoch Standard English Version Jay Winter
PDF – 2,8 MB 108 downloads

The great end-time deception

In our time, we are confronted with many deceptions. One of these deceptions is the arrival of the so-called aliens. However, they are not aliens but fallen angels. We kunnen er over lezen in Openbaringen 12. It is coming before the rapture!

Read more about this massive deception in the article.

The fallen angles are here. Revelation 12.
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Book Of Jubilees Pdf
PDF – 3,5 MB 18 downloads
Word – 713,2 KB 38 downloads

Profecy is a blessing from God becouse we can prepare our walk whit Him before He relaeses the jugments on the earth. So repent and live holy.

 The Rapture and what is coming fist.

Jesus And The Sorrows Revelation 5 To 11 .
Word – 448,7 KB 14 downloads
The Second Exodus
PDF – 393,8 KB 66 downloads

Al about sinn

Let nothing stay in the way of you and your savior. Sin is a divider and it blocks you're entry in heaven  it is a doorway to the darkness. close every open door and be at peace whit the lord. Ask the holy spirit to help you and to gide you.

Why Sin Is Dangerous Docx
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The Holy Spirit . Crist in us.
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The baptism of your entire household
Word – 132,9 KB 45 downloads

The batismen of your household , comes whit repentence and living a holy life.

And it is a promise of God. When you repent you wil be saved als so your childeren and ho are for of. acts 2:38-2:39. The lord Jesus Christ wil protect them als in the time of troubles.